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Summative Assignment

Ghost Rider

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Ghost Rider Overview

Another movie based on the ever-so-popular Marvel Comics;Ghost Rider deals with the teenage Johnny Blaze(Matt Long)selling his soul to the devil, in an attempt to cure his fathers spreading cancer. The devil cheats Johnny, by keeping his word but also condemning his father to death in a motorcycle accident. Many years later, Johnny Blaze is contacted by the devil once again to do his bounty hunting, by hunting down Blackheart, the devils son. In doing the devil's dirty work, Johnny Blaze, now played by Nicholas Cage, finds his head and body have tendencies to turn into a flaming skeleton in the night.


Relations to Chapter 1

The four ethical experiences of Johnny Blaze...

The Scream- The experience of personal response
  • Johnny Blaze undergoes the experience of personal response when he discovers his bound duty, many years after he sold his soul to Mephistopheles. Although his personal response was not to a scream, it was to his own inability to control himself under the power of Mephistopheles. This takes place when Johnny Blaze least expects it, as he is on his way to meet long lost Roxanne Simpson, his high school sweetheart (thus somewhat taking him out of a state of bliss).

    The Beggar- The experience of the other
  • Although there are no beggars previewed in Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze experiences the face of the other when his closest friend, Mack, begs him to take out the transport trucks while attempting to jump the length of a football field. Johnny agrees with his friend, but knowing that Mephistopheles will not allow for him to die or get hurt, he adds in helicopters instead.

    "I have to..."- The experience of obligation
  • After defeating Blackheart, Johnny's binding contract with Mephistopheles would be terminated and Johnny would possess his soul once again; however, Johnny realizes that he can do more good than evil by keeping his 'curse' and chooses to remain a ghost rider. He knew he was obligated to defend the world from evil. He accepts this obligation over his love for Roxanne Simpson.

    This is intolerable! This isn't fair!- The experience of contrast
  • When Johnny accepts the deal from Mephistopheles at the beginning of the movie, Johnny makes it on one condition; that Mephistopheles cure his father of cancer. Mephistopheles keeps his word, however on different terms. Johnny's father is cured of his cancer, but later in the day, dies in a motorcycle accident. Johnny is clearly outraged, and attempts to hurt Mephistopheles, without success. Several times throughout Ghost Rider, Johnny states that it was not fair that the devil chose him as his rider and asked "why me?".

    Relations to Chapter 2

    Analyzing Johnny Blaze'(and other characters) actions with the conceptual framework of action.

  • WHO? Johnny Blaze, Ghost Rider.
  • WHAT? Fights evil, protects the innocent.
  • WHY? Because he is bound by contract to do so/ he feels he has an obligation(more towards the end of the movie).
  • HOW? By turning into an incredibly stong, fast, invincible, flaming skeleton; sometimes making use of a chain and motorcycle.
  • WITH WHOM OR AGAINST WHOM? fights for Mephistopheles agsint Blackheart.
  • UNDER WHAT CIRCUMSTANCES? Mephistopheles will give back Johnny's soul if he is successful.
  • WITH WHAT OUTCOME? Johnny defeats Blackheart; however remaining as a Ghost rider by choice.

  • WHO?Mephistopheles.
  • WHAT?Takes Johnny's soul in order to have him as his bounty hunter.
  • WHY?Because he is unable to do it himself.
  • HOW?Basically tricks Johnny into signing the contract with his blood; Johnny being unbelieving of such a power.
  • WITH WHOM OR AGAINST WHOM? Against his own son; more evil than the devil himself.
  • UNDER WHAT CIRCUMSTANCES? obtaining a contract of a thousand souls in the town of San Venganza. If the contract is obtained by Blackheart, there will be hell on earth.
  • WITH WHAT OUTCOME? Johnny hands the contract over to Blackheart in order to save Roxanne. However, with Blackheart having one thousand souls in his body, Johnny uses his penance stare and burns every soul inside of Blackheart; thus killing Blackheart.

    Johnny Blaze as an agent: Johnny Blaze can be considered an agent because he acts freely and is responsible for his actions (most times). I.e. Johnny decides to remain as a Ghost rider at the end of the movie, to fight against Mephistopheles and to prevent more evil, knowing full well that he would be unable to maintain a relationship with Roxanne Simpson, the love of his life; because she would be used as a 'weakness'.

    Relations to Chapter 3

    The six aspects of Johnny Blaze' (or others) conscience...

    The Importance of Others
  • At the beginning of Ghost Rider, young Roxanne Simpson seems to be very important to Johnny. They had plans to run away together so they would not be separated, until the death of Barton Blaze.
  • Barton Blaze, Johnny's father, although they had a hard relationship, he was very important to Johnny. Johnny attempted to have Mephistopheles cure his father of cancer in exchange for his soul.
  • Johnny lived alone and had few close friends, this shows that Johnny has the same ideology as many Western people do; that freedom is independence.

    The Importance of Having Direction in Life
  • As young Johnny Blaze, he had aspirations to become a great stunt motorcyclist.
  • He worked with a circus/ fair doing stunts on his bike, alongside Barton Blaze.
  • When he got older, his career was a stunt driver. Although he knew Mephistopheles would not allow for him to die or to get hurt, he was not as passionate about bikes as he was when he was younger.

    The Importance of Communication and Language
  • Johnny does not communicate much with people, although he does speak to his team; mostly Mack, his best friend.
  • Later on in the movie, Roxanne Simpson comes back into Johnny's life. He speaks mostly to her and asks her out on a date; although he doesn't show.
  • Johnny is pretty much forced to speak to Mephistopheles.

    The Importance of Character and One's Body
  • After exchanging his soul to Mephistopheles, Johnny lacks interest in a lot of things, and watches t.v. a lot. He doesn't seem to have a lot of character.
  • Johnny gains more character when Roxanne Simpson comes back into his life.
  • His body turns into a flaming skeleton after being visited by Mephistopheles, to do his bounty hunting. If Mephistopheles did not provide him with speed, fiery, and fire, he would not be able to do these actions asked by Mephistopheles.

    The Importance of Conscience
  • The Ghost Rider's conscience is clearly portrayed when Johnny decides to remain as a Ghost rider, to use his 'gift/curse' against Mephistopheles.
  • He remains as a Ghost rider to fight against evil, and to protect the innocent.
  • He chooses this over his love for Roxanne Simpson, which seemed to be what he really wanted for a long time.

    The Importance of the Development of One's Conscience
  • Johnny's conscience is clearly structured by his life experiences and the people he meets; mainly Mephistopheles.


    Relations to Chapter 4

    Although a call story is generally received from God; Johnny Blaze receives a call story from Mephistopheles, the devil.

    The Call Story...

  • Confrontation: Johnny is confronted by Mephistopheles at a young age. The confrontation takes place while Johnny is fine tuning his bike; to prepare to runaway with Roxanne.
  • Introductory Speech: The introductory speech also takes place in the garage while Johnny was fixing his bike. The devil persuades Johnny with the idea of curing his father of cancer.
  • Imparting of a Mission: Mephistopheles agrees to curing Barton of cancer and Johnny signs the contract with his own blood.
  • Objection by the Prophet-to-be: Johnny rejects Mephistopheles and asks him to leave. Johnny does not initially believe Mephistopheles until it is too late.
  • Reassurance: Johnny is reassured by Mephistopheles when he finds that his father is cured of cancer, the following morning.
  • The Sign: The sign that Mephistopheles gives Johnny is when Johnny's body turns into a flaming skeleton.

    The 10 Commandments

    Johnny Blaze and all of the other characters in Ghost Rider seem to totally disregard the 10 commandments...

  • Considering Johnny is the devil's bounty hunter; he somewhat disregards God completely.
  • "God" is definetly used in vain several times throughout this movie.
  • They might keep the lords day holy, but it is not seen throughout the movie.
  • Johnny honored his father in choosing to fight against Mephistopheles, and by continuing to stunt ride (Barton's passion).
  • As a flaming skeleton, Johnny burned a couple souls with his penance stare; however he had no control over it.
  • Johnny was never married or in much of a relationship; he never committed adultery.
  • He didn't steal.
  • Nor did he bear false witness against his neighbor.
  • Or covet his neighbors wife.
  • And he didn't covet his neighbors goods.