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Summative Assignment


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Hercules Overview

Hercules was born a God and Zeus was his father. However, when Hercules was just a baby, Hades had Pain & Panic rob his cradle to turn him into a mortal then to kill him. Thus preventing Hercules from getting in the way of Hades taking over the universe in the future. Pain & Panic are successful in kidnapping Hercules and turning him into a mortal, however they did not kill him. As Hercules grows older he learns that Zeus is his father, and in order to live on Mount Olympus with the other gods, Hercules must first prove himself a hero on earth.


Relations to Chapter 1

The four ethical experiences of Hercules...

The Scream- The experience of personal response
  • Hercules experiences the scream after training with Phil and attempting to rescue his first damsel in distress. He hears Meg scream on his way to Thebes, he flies to the sound and finds her stuck in the hand of a large centaur. He fights the centaur and rescues Meg.

    This is intolerable! This isn't fair!- The experience of contrast
  • When Hercules goes back to the temple of Zeus, he expects to be brought back home; Mount Olympus. However, Zeus breaks it to him that he has not yet proven himself a true hero on earth and that in order to do so, he must use his heart. Because Hercules had defeated every monster thrown at him, he thought it right that he be brought to Mount Olympus. He is somewhat outraged when Zeus tells him that he is not quite there yet.

    The Beggar- The experience of the other
  • Hercules experiences the face of the other when Meg runs into Thebes claiming that there are two little boys trapped beneath a large rock. Hercules instantly runs to the scene to free the two little boys. The two boys beg frantically for Hercules to hurry up, because they claim they cannot breath. However this was just a setup by Hades in another attempt to kill Hercules.

    "I have to..."- The experience of obligation
  • Hercules makes a deal with Hades to save Megs life. The deal was that for twenty four hours, Hercules had to give up his strength to free Meg's soul and to guarantee her safety. Hercules knew that Hades has other plans, however considering his deep passion for Meg, he agreed to the deal; although he had already known that Meg had been working for Hades the whole time they knew each other.

    Relations to Chapter 2

    Analyzing Hercules actions with the conceptual framework of action...

  • WHO? Hercules.
  • WHAT? Gives up his strength for twenty four hours.
  • WHY? To free Meg's soul and to guarantee her no harm.
  • HOW? Makes a deal with Hades.
  • UNDER WHAT CIRCUMSTANCES? Possibility of people getting hurt or Hades taking over the universe and enslaving the Gods.
  • WITH WHAT OUTCOME? Meg gets hurt and Hades deal is broken. Hercules stops Hades from taking over the universe and helps to put away the titans once again.

  • WHO? Philatitis.
  • WHAT? Trains Hercules.
  • WHY? Mainly because Zeus struck him with a lightning bolt and he thought Hercules had "something".
  • HOW? With his training techniques, rules, and experience.
  • WITH WHOM OR AGAINST WHOM? Phil Trains Hercules with the help of Pegasus.
  • UNDER WHAT CIRCUMSTANCES? Success or failure/ embarrassment/ disappointment.
  • WITH WHAT OUTCOME? Hercules has his picture hung in the stars; just as Phil had always dreamed of with his other trainees.

    Hercules as an agent: Hercules is considered an agent because he holds responsibility for his own actions. He is very clumsy and has tendencies to break mostly everything that he touches; however he accepts this uneasily, but does not try to cover up his mistakes. I.e. When he runs into the pillar and knocks down the entire Greek shopping center, then accepts it when the people around him start to call him a freak.


    Relations to Chapter 4

    Hercules' call story from Zeus...

  • Confrontation: Hercules is first confronted by Zeus in the temple, when Hercules is searching for his place in life; somewhere where he belonged. He asked for an answer from the statue of Zeus.
  • Introductory Speech: Zeus' introductory speech included him telling Hercules that he was his biological father and how it came to be that Hercules was a mortal. He also tells Hercules that he is able to become a God once again and live on Mount Olympus with his family.
  • Imparting of a Mission: Hercules wanted to live on Mount Olympus with his family; however there was a condition and a task that Hercules would have to overtake before such a thing would happen. He would have to prove himself a true hero on earth to become a God.
  • Objection by the Prophet-to-be: Hercules objection comes later on in the movie. AFter Hercules proves himself a hero and turns into a god, the gates of Mount Olympus are opened to him; however living on Mount Olympus would prevent him from living with Meg. He refuses the offer and chooses to live on earth with Meg.
  • Reassurance by God: Zeus approves of Hercules decision and understand why Hercules has chosen to live on earth. He smiles and bids goodbye to his son.
  • The sign: The sign for Hercules may have been the lightning bolt sent by Zeus. This allowed Hercules to know when his father was with him and when he was listening.

    The 10 Commandments